The Kitchen Garden at Belle & Wilde is a great source of inspiration; full of vibrant colour and tasty fruit and vegetables, both ordinary and not so ordinary. And all organically grown.

It certainly keeps us busy with endless jobs to be getting on with when we aren’t baking. Even our gorgeous mini dachshund, Spice, loves to help – especially when it comes to digging up the carrots to which he is especially partial.

We grow the rosemary for our Belle & Wilde Rosemary Bread here – it doesn’t get any fresher or more local than that.

‘Rosemary for Remembrance’ (Rosemarinus officinalis) - herbalists use this herb to help treat forgetfulness. Here at Belle & Wilde we use it in our aromatic Rosemary bread. Rosemary is also an emblem of friendship and it is an excellent plant for bees.
A selection of our homegrown Squash, Pumpkin and Gourds including such varieties as Queensland Blue, Butternut, Blue Acorn and Hokkaido…
Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) We grow both the curly leafed French variety and the flat-leaved Italian variety (var.neapolitanum). Parsley is a wonderfully versatile herb to add flavour to all manner of dishes such as soups, stews, sauces and salads and is also beautifully decorative for canapes or patés. It’s also great chopped and sprinkled onto garlic bread (take a look at our Belle & Wilde recipes).
Cucamelon (Melothria scabra) We started growing these pretty vine plants a few years ago and they are such fun. Native to Mexico and South America, the fruit are about the size of grapes, look like very mini watermelons and taste like cucumbers with a hint of sourness. You can eat them fresh in salads, especially mozzarella and tomato; use as a garnish for your cocktails; whizz up a fresh avocado, coriander and cucamelon soup; and of course they make great pickles.
Part of our extensive chilli harvest, these are a Turkish variety called Acı Sivri Biber with a Scoville rating of between 5,000 – 30,000. It is a Cayenne-style chilli, attractive and flavoursome with the fruits growing long and curly. They can be used when they are green as well as red. We make chilli jams and relish also dry or freeze them for use throughout the year.
This little chilli is called Trinity and as with other habaneros, are distinguished by a pleasant fruity aroma that adds a distinctive flavour to salsas and chilli sauces. They are not, however, overly hot with a rating of around 40,000 SHU – still hot enough though.
An October harvest of late vegetables and herbs from the Kitchen Garden.
Our wonderful tomato harvest still going strong and hanging onto their vines in October!
End of the corn on the cob for another year but looking majestic in the late autumn sun.
A small string of our tasty shallots hanging up for storage.