Our Ingredients

About our Speciality Flours

We make sure all our flours are both wheat-free and gluten-free.

Rice Flour – is made from finely milled rice and is a good substitute for wheat flour which can irritate the digestive system of many people.

Tapioca Flour – is a starch extracted from the root of the Cassava plant which is native to South America. It is extensively cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions and is an excellent source of carbohydrate. It is also often used as a substitute for wheat flour.

Cornflour – is the starch obtained from the corn or maize grain. It works well in conjunction with our other flours.

Maize Flour – is a flour ground from dried maize and contains macronutrients like starch, fibre, protein and fat along with vitamin B complex, ß-carotene and essential minerals.

We use sunflower oil to let the natural flavours of our bread shine through making them light, airy and delicious.

Any herbs we use in our products are homegrown from the Belle & Wilde kitchen garden, particularly Rosemary.

All our products are suitable for vegetarians and many are vegan-friendly. They are all wheat-free and gluten-free, with no preservatives. We try to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. 

How to get the most from your Belle & Wilde Artisan Bread

About some of our other ingredients

Xanthan gum – is used to help give our bread and other products the texture and elasticity that would otherwise be achieved with gluten. It is now widely available for home cooks in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Agar – is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin. It is derived naturally from seaweed and is a common ingredient in Asian cooking, but now widely used for dishes from all types of cuisine. It helps give our breads a soft, light texture.

Eggs – we use fresh free-range local Sussex eggs.

For our vegan loaves we do not use eggs or honey.

Honey – we use local honey (and absolutely no sugar in our breads).

Salt – we use sea salt (just a pinch!) with no anti-caking agents.

Agave – Agave syrup is a naturally occurring sweetener with a slightly thinner consistency than honey and is vegan-friendly. It’s extracted from various species of the agave plant, which grow mainly in Mexico and South Africa.

Belle and Wilde gluten free bakery

Great Taste Award 2020

In 2020 Belle & Wilde recently won a Great Taste Award for their Belle & Wilde Rosemary Toasts.